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Using a SD Micro Market is Easy

1. Choose Your Items

Just like shopping at a grocery store you choose items from the shelf, refigerator or freezer.  Take your time, read labels, browse our selection.  We are constantly adding different healthy variety to our Micro Markets.

2. Scan Item’s Barcode

Once you have chosen an items, simply scan each item’s bar code just like self-checkout at the grocery store.  If the item has no bar code then tap the item in our visual menu.  

3. Swipe Your Card

Once you are happy with your selections, you can simply swipe your credit, debit or loyalty card.  Micro Markets have the most flexible payment options of all.

SD Micro Market Features vs. Vending


Micro Market

Vending Machine

Purchase snacks and beverages at your office
100% Free to your office, pay only for the food you take
No contracts, because we are sure you’ll love our service
Read food labels before purchasing food
Fresh food, fruit, sandwiches, milk, cheese, etc.
Customizeable to match your office decore
Customer feedback interface built-in
Easily purchase multiple items with one payment
No moving parts for items to jam
Extra large and small items like salads, 5 Hour Energy
Non-food items like Chap Stick and Tylenol
Frozen foods and treats
Credit, debit and loyalty card payments
Remotely monitored for quick responsive service
Emailed Receipts
Easy subsidy option for generous employers

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